Brandon Schaefer is a graphic designer, creative director at Jump Cut, and former writer for film.com. His work has been exhibited internationally and featured in several publications over the years. He's been known to look like this, and hates writing in the third person.

He co-hosts The Poster Boys, a podcast about design and film posters.

Clients include Unzero Films, Drafthouse Films, Oscilloscope Laboratories, Tribeca Film, IFC Films, Eureka! Entertainment, Park Circus Films / Sony / MGM / WB, The New York Times, Mondo, fonts.com, Cinedigm, A24, Artists Public Domain, Bond 360, Radius-TWC, WIRED, Caliber Media, FrightFest Originals, DeathWaltz Records, Spoke Art / The Castro Theatre, ShortList, Independent Film Festival Boston, The Brattle Theater.


Jump Cut for The Film Arcade

Jump Cut for IFC Films

Jump Cut for Caliber Media

Action Cinémas (Cape Fear, 1962)

Action Cinémas (Cape Fear, 1991)